Banks working tonight to pay Petrotrin workers; security now stationed at plants

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Franklin Khan says some commercial banks are working throughout tonight to ensure the transfer of exit payments to Petrotrin workers.

The minister told CNC3 the $2.7 billion was deposited to various commercial banks and it is his understanding that the banks have been transferring payments to individual workers based on the vouchers provided to the banks.

He said that he understands it was not completed by the close of business today but that he knows banks are working late into the night to make sure that all are paid.

The minister also confirmed that security at the Petrotin compound in Pointe-A-Pierre abandoned their job earlier today causing a lapse in security for a couple hours before Amalgamated Security, which is contracted to secure the compound, took up work at 4pm.

Minister Khan said that as far as he knows, there was no damage to Petrotrin's assets during that time.


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