Bharath writes UNC again for information pertaining to party election

UNC member Vasant Bharath has again written to the party's General Secretary Davendranath Tancoo, asking once again clarification on how the party identifies members and to be able to make contact with them.

Bharath said he received no response to his last request and added that his request was in the interest of a fair and transparent election.

The following is Bharath's latest letter to Tancoo.

"Reference is made to the matter at caption and to my letter to you dated November 1st, 2017 to which I have not had an acknowledgment of receipt nor a response to date.

As you would recall in that letter I set out nine (9) reasonable requests pertaining our ability to identify members of the party and make contact with them in relation to my and my team’s contesting of this election as well as to receive assurances that the Party was about to embark upon a transparent, free and fair election.

Since then, I have noted that the incumbent Political Leader has launched her campaign at a Monday Night Forum, 6th November 2017, in Couva, presumably at the Party’s expense.

Not having had any response to my requests, I note that (according to the Party’s notice published in the newspapers on October 21, 2017) November 8th, 2017 is the date fixed for the “Submission of Nomination Papers by prospective candidates for verification”.

I know that neither you nor the Party would want this election to be shrouded in more controversy than it already has.

With each passing day, we are being severely and unfairly handicapped in our ability to campaign for the November 26th, 2017 election.

In the circumstances I again ask for your urgent response to my requests."


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