Bikers want better lighting after death of colleague

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 09:30

Motorcycle riders are calling on Government to install proper lighting and safety features at a round-about just south of the Mosquito Creek cremation site following the death of Robert Seales on Sunday.

Scores of motorcycle operators gathered at the roundabout and lit candles for the deceased on Monday night. 

Steve Ahlsen, the head of the Hood Riders Motorcycle Club, told Guardian Media that the roundabout was poorly constructed and is not visible until the last minute.

He said the area is without proper lighting, signage, and reflectors making it difficult for all motorist to spot. 

Ahlsen said, “You don’t see the roundabout because its too low, it looks like one straight road if you are not  familiar with the area.” 

Dexter Dunlop, contractor and motorcycle rider, said persons who are not familiar with the area are likely to get into an accident.

Dunlop said, “There is no flashing light, it’s a new round-about.. all we are asking from the powers that be is to put up additional signage and some flashing lights.”

Renn Riley, a resident of the area, said a number of accidents has occurred at the roundabout since it was installed a few months ago.

Riley who came on the scene after Seales crashed said “This affects all road users, the round-about is somewhat flat and road users tend to miss it. As bikers we need to understand the conditions of the road and be a lot more cautious.”

Ahlsen said bikers united and started a One Voice Awareness in January drive to create greater road safety.

He said flyers and stickers were distributed to all motorist. He said 20 road safety signs were made and would be installed at gas stations and private residences near the roadside.

Sharika Antoine, the widow of Seales, said she was deeply distraught after the death of Seales.

She said “I have to live with this pain for the rest of my light. Asa biker when you are coming from a distance, you would not be able to see the roundabout since bikers sit very short in the seat.”

Robert Seales died on Sun­day night.

A re­port stat­ed that around 10.30 pm, Seales, 47, of Mon­trose, Ch­agua­nas was rid­ing along the Solomon Ho­choy High­way Ex­ten­sion. As he tried to ride around the round­about at the Shore of Peace cre­ma­tion site, he crashed in­to a con­crete bar­ri­er.

His body was thrown off the mo­tor­cy­cle and stopped sev­er­al me­tres away. Fel­low mo­torists rushed across to help, but he was al­ready dead.

South Oropouche po­lice re­spond­ed to the scene and cor­doned off the area. Seales’ body was tak­en to the mor­tu­ary at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal.

- Shastri Boodan