Bishop Anstey Choir and Steel Ensemble needs your support

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 20:00

The Bishop Anstey High School Choir and Steel Ensemble is seeking assistance from the public, in helping them attend and participate in the Llangolen International Musical Eisteddfod, in Wales.

They've issued the appeal via an Internet link (see below) as they seek donations for students.

The appeal says, "In July 2016, the Bishop Anstey High School Choir and Steel Ensemble anticipate the bright possibility of sharing music with the world at the Llangolen International Musical Eisteddfod, which attracts some 160,000 people annually - many of whom prior know very little, if anything of the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. 

"At the Eisteddfod, over 40 countries compete in song, dance, poetry and instrumental folk music, and Trinidad and Tobago is likely to be the only Caribbean representative. 

"The BAHS Choir and Steel Ensemble need your support to get there.

"The Eisteddfod is not only an opportunity for the young, eager and talented aspiring ambassadors to fly the resplendent colors of red, black and white on the world’s stage, but also to be a positive influence on their peers at home.

Positive in midst of school delinquency reports

"Recent local media reports on school children engaging in violent and delinquent behavior across our country have been a disturbing and heart-rending trend. 

"The BAHS girls strive to exemplify the power of discipline, tolerance and production to their peers with their creative industry talent. 

"Peer relationships can be a powerful positive influence in the lives of school-aged children; they choose friends who have characteristics or talents that they admire, which, in turn, motivates them to achieve and behave as their friends do. 

"This is truly the kind of positive reinforcement that our society needs right now.

"Take a step towards reinforcing positive values in T&T's school children. 

"Under the leadership and mentorship of award-winning Musical Director, Ms. Lorraine Granderson, this diligent group of young ambassadors are most deserving of your support and assistance to fund this trip to Wales.

$20,000 per student

"The cost per student is approximately $20,000TTD (USD$3,100).  They will spend 7 nights in Wales and 8 nights in London - the BAHS Choir and Steel Ensemble will perform at 2 concerts in London. 

"100% of your donations will be used to fund airfare, room and breakfast, as well as ground transportation and costuming for the Choir and Steel Ensemble. 

"All donations will be transferred directly to BAHS (in care of Ms. Lorraine Granderson), by Sunday 18th June 2016, to facilitate preparations for the journey to Wales.

Making a donation means empowering and enabling the talented young members of the BAHS Choir and Steel Ensemble to have the opportunity of a lifetime to make a positive impact locally and regionally and to represent Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean in an exemplary manner on the international stage." 

The link to donate is: