Body of missing woman found

Weeks after a woman was raped, her partially nude body was found tied to a pipe at an abandoned house.

44-year-old Farrow of Morne Rush, Williamsville was discovered in a partially decomposed state at a house about 50 metres from her home.

According to reports, the owner went to the house around 8.50 this morning and saw a body lying on the ground.

He immediately went to the Gasparillo police station and returned with a team of officers, who the mother of six, lying on her back at the side of the house.

A belt was fastened around her neck and attached to the drainage pipe and her pants and underwear removed. 

Investigators believe she was strangled and raped, but because of the decomposition, they will await the findings of an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow at the forensic sciences centre.

Relatives of Tricia Farrow believes she was murdered by the same person she accused of raping and trying to kill her six months ago.

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