'Brutal attack' on prison officer not true; here's what really happened

The Prison Service says it now has the benefit of video evidence that shows that the alleged brutal attack on a prison officer, did not happen the way it was first conveyed, and that in fact, the prison officer suffered a slash during a fight that he started.

It says that information received that led to the issuance of a media statement headlined "Prisons Officer Attacked", was inaccurate and misleading.

It was initially stated that Prisons Officer Darren Mohan was brutally attacked and slashed while at a recreational facility in Felicity.

However, the Prison Service said, in the continuing investigation, evidence in the form of video footage has been retrieved.

"Contrary to an initial statement, the footage clearly shows Officer Mohan, striking the first blow, following an exchange of words outside the establishment. This led to a physical fight and it was during this fight that he was slashed," the statement said.

The Prison Service adds that as a result of the aforementioned, it is hereby retracting its initial statement.

It says that Commissioner of Prisons(Ag), Dane Clarke and President of the Prisons Officers' Association, Ceron Richards, have both expressed their embarrassment at the situation and are working together to deal with the consequences of the officer's misleading statement.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service wishes to convey to the public that Officer Mohan's action is now the subject of a police investigation and an internal prison inquiry to determine the circumstances of the incident, the outcome of which will ascertain any culpability for breaches in law that may or may not warrant criminal prosecution and or disciplinary action," the statement said.

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