"Buck physically attacks & threatens to kill us"

After two days of rituals and prayers, a Gasparillo family says the buck which lives in their home is now physically attacking them.

Govinda Mathura showed reddish lacerations on his upper thigh and claimed the buck was now threatening to kill them.

During an interview at the family's Hilltop Drive, Gasparillo home, Mathura said he was sleeping between his parents Krishna and Balmatee Mathura around 2 am when he felt a burning on his thigh. When he woke up he saw the lacerations. 

Balmatee said she was fearful to stay in the home and was now hoping to relocate. She said a Tacarigua pundit did some rituals on Wednesday night and advised them to sleep together on one bed until he completes his ritual if "tying" the property. She said despite all the prayers, the Buck was now aggravated.

"We heard his voice this morning saying he will kill us. He said it was he who suck Govinda, " Balmatee added.

Krishna said he was convinced that evil spirits were in his house. Since the Guardian broke the story, more than 30 spiritual leaders and visitors from all the major faiths visited the family. All sorts of rituals were done. 

During the Guardian's visit on Thursday, a man from Palo Seco who claimed he lived with a Buck as a child, brought an offering to the family. He said the buck normally attacks its owners if it is not fed.

He also said it was not common for a spirit creature to steal material possessions or eat from the fridge.

Dhanraj Gopiechand from the Orisha Baptist Church also came and did a ritual. Gopiechand went into what appeared to be a trance. Shaking and making strange noises he began asking CNC 3 cameraman who sent him there.

Police officers including SRP Johnson, PC Dass and PC Jogie also visited the family. Asked whether they were investigating larceny, the officers said no. 

On Tuesday the Guardian broke the story of the buck terror. The Guardian Media will bring you more as this story unfolds .

- by Radhica De Silva. 



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