CAL adds 660 more seats on airbridge than were previously booked

Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 10:15

Caribbean Airlines says the presence of its 737 fleet to support the domestic airbridge, now means there is increased capacity of 660 above what was scheduled for today.

The airline issued a second statement today saying that while the number of seats scheduled on the airbridge for 28 December total 2448, the airline increased capacity to 3108 to minimise inconvenience to its customers.

It says the airline’s 737 fleet is being used to support its domestic operations as required, and the ATR fleet is expected to be fully restored and in service within 24 hours. 

It advised that due to aircraft constraints, the airline has consolidated and rescheduled some of its services on the domestic air bridge for today, 28 December 2017. 

The airline says that as a matter of priority, all passengers holding confirmed bookings for 28 December, are fully accommodated.

It adds that customers with confirmed tickets for the flights that have been consolidated, have been advised.