CAL points to its safety standards ahead of acquiring new 737-800Xs

Caribbean Airlines says that while it uses Boeing 737-800 Next generation aircraft, it stands by a commitment to put the safety of its passengers, crew and staff first.

The airline issued a statement Monday morning, in light of two recent crashes involving those types of airlines, given that Caribbean Airlines is also in the process of acquiring the 737-800X for its fleet.

The airline, in its statement, extended sympathy to the families and loved ones of the passengers and employees impacted by Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302.

"We understand that investigations by the relevant authorities are in progress and the cause of this accident remains undetermined at this time. The airline industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world and there are rigorous processes and regulatory procedures to follow before any aircraft is brought into service," Caribbean Airlines said.

It said that it will incorporate the procedural and training elements necessary to comply with all regulations and instructions before any new aircraft is introduced to its fleet.

"Caribbean Airlines currently uses Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft and stands by its commitment to put the safety of its passengers, crew and operations first," the statement said.

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