CAL resumes flights to St Maarten as world-famous airport reopens

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) says it resumes scheduled service to St Maarten, today, 11 October 2017, following the re-opening of the Princess Juliana International Airport on 10 October, for commercial operations.

The airport was badly damaged by the passage of Hurricane Irma.

CAL operates BW 456 and BW 457 in/out of St Maarten from its hubs in Piarco, Trinidad and Kingston, Jamaica every Wednesday and Saturday.

CAL is advising customers that St Maarten Immigration has implemented strict protocols regarding entry into St Maarten at this time, and are therefore advised as follows:

• Travel documents must be in order, with passenger name and details matching support documentation if required

• Visa requirements where necessary for entry into St Maarten must be strictly adhered to

• Customers connecting via St Maarten must have all legal documentation for their entry to final destination, e.g. visas, work permits etc.

• Under no circumstances will passengers with onward connections be allowed to overnight in St Maarten

• Travelers who are not nationals of Dutch St. Maarten or French St. Martin must have proof of accommodation. Persons staying at hotels must have proof of hotel reservations confirmed after the passage of Hurricane Irma (06 September 2017).

• Please note that many hotels sustained damage and remain closed. Persons who will be staying at private homes must have proof of this. It is recommended that the host be at the airport in case the Immigration officials need to interview them.

• Travelers must be able to advise the purpose of their travel to St Maarten.

• Persons must have sufficient funds for their period of stay.