CAL: Staff subjected to security checks before being hired

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 11:00

The Board of Caribbean Airlines Limited is defending the company's security record, after the company's CEO was described by a Joint Select Committee as "reckless and irresponsible".

Caribbean Airlines issued a statement Tuesday defending its security record.

"The Chairman and Board of Directors of Caribbean Airlines Limited has taken careful note of the statements made by members of the Joint Select Committee on State Enterprises at a press conference on July 03, 2018, and wish to advise as follows:   

1. The airline industry is highly regulated, and as a proud and long‐standing member of the International Air Transport Association – IATA, and also as a recognized IATA Operational Safety Audit qualified airline and a certified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved repair station, Caribbean Airlines adheres to a rigorous system of checks and balances, and has complied with its own internal policy on security checks which reads as follows: “The airline industry poses high-security risks arising out of both narcotic trafficking and terrorist activity. As a result, all staff are subject to security checks before being hired. The nature and conduct of the security check policy is administered by the Security department in Operations and Human Resources will liaise with Security to ensure that due process has been followed.”   

2. Security checks are carried out as per the company’s normal employment requirements, including but not limited to reference checks and certificate verification. In addition, the company also requires police verified certificates of good character and applies other internal and external security checks. More intensive security checks are only conducted for support staff who are required to access the airport, aircraft or airside facilities or as other regulations may require. Further security checks are also done for Pilots and Flight Attendants to meet FAA and other Airport regulations. Successfully completing required security checks is a condition of the Caribbean Airlines’ employment agreement.   

3. Staff who do not require airport or airside access in the course of their duties go through the normal employment vetting process.   

4. The aforementioned policies continue to be applied in the course of the airline’s operations.   

Caribbean Airlines assures all stakeholders that the airline is committed to meeting and maintaining high standards of safety and security."