Calypso Rose, Shadow, Akeem Stewart among Tobago Day awardees

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 09:15

Calypsonians The Mighty Shadow and Calypso Rose, and Special Olympics Gold Medallist Akeem Stewart are among persons honoured at the Tobago Day Awards held on Sunday.

The awards seek to honour Tobagonians who have excelled in different areas.

Calypso Rose was the first woman to win the coveted Road March title in 1977, and the Calypso Monarch title in 1978.

She has written over 800 songs, has won many local and international awards for her career, which spans five decades. She continues to record and perform at age 76.

The Mighty Shadow is one of the most iconic figures in calypso history.

He burst onto the scene with "Bassman" in 1974. It won him the Road March title, and he also got the runner-up spot with "I Come Out to Play". Since then he has also won the Calypso Monarch (2000; "What's Wrong With Me"/"Scratch Meh Back"), Soca Monarch (2001;"Stranger"); and Road March (2001; "Stranger") titles.

He's a recipient of the Hummingbird Medal Silver (2003) and is regarded as one of those calypsonians who have changed the face of music through his contributions.

Another awardee, Neil Wilson has been at the forefront of business in Tobago for several decades.

He established several businesses on the island, starting with Tourist Services Limited Travel Agency in 1972.

He is was also a Management Committee member of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce as well as the Tobago Hotels Association.

Wilson has also been a fixture in the tourism industry, including station superintendent of BWIA in a number of Caribbean islands between 1962 and 2000.

Wilson has also been a public servant since 1979, and is currently chairman of the Eco-Industrial Company of Tobago Limited (E-IDCOT).

Below is the full list of recipients:

* Winston Bailey, the Mighty Shadow (music) - Tobago Medal of Honour, gold

* McArtha Sandy-Lewis, Calypso Rose (music) - Tobago Medal of Honour, gold

* Neil Wilson (business) - Tobago Medal of Honour, gold

* Akeem Stewart (sport) - Tobago Medal of Honour, silver

* Cynthia Lyons-Duke (public service) - Tobago Medal of Honour, gold

* Carol Alfred (public service) - Tobago Medal of Honour, gold

* Boyceson "Jackie" Johnson (music) - Tobago Medal of Honour, bronze (posthumously)

* Justin Peterkin - Chief Secretary's Award (outstanding contribution and significant achievement in music and academics in 2016)

* Justin Peterkin - Calypso Rose Award for the Performing Arts

* Cheva Alexander - Shadow Award for Oral Tradition