Camille: Use cocoyea brooms, holy water against UNC

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 23:15

Plan­ning Min­is­ter and MP for Arou­ca/Mal­oney Camille Robin­son-Reg­is likened the Unit­ed Na­tion­al Con­gress (UNC) to “evil spir­its” and dev­il’s” and ad­vised the sup­port­ers to use co­coyea brooms, holy wa­ter and the St Michael’s prayer to pro­tect them­selves against the UNC.

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“We know that pow­er cor­rupts and ab­solute pow­er cor­rupts ab­solute­ly,” she said.

“Do you see moral au­thor­i­ty or good char­ac­ter in any of those op­posed to us?” Robin­son-Reg­is said.

While say­ing that the PNM held the moral high ground, Robin­son-Reg­is went on to lev­el a se­ries of al­le­ga­tions against UNC can­di­dates

“It is al­leged that one of the can­di­dates have a fam­i­ly mem­ber in Gold­en Grove, held for the mur­der of Dana See­ta­hal,” she said.

She said that one had his house “sprayed” with bul­lets in 2016 be­cause the UNC could not pay off his elec­tion debts and an­oth­er was al­leged­ly in 'Room 201'.

“All of these are al­leged,” she said.

Robin­son-Reg­is said that an­oth­er can­di­date was in a video that went vi­ral, it was al­leged that for­mer Sports Min­is­ter Anil Roberts was in a room where drug use was be­ing dis­cussed.

“Do not foist him on us,” she said.

“The UNC is in­fect­ed with bad com­pa­ny,” she said.

Robin­son-Reg­is said the PNM is the on­ly po­lit­i­cal par­ty to con­sis­tent­ly ar­tic­u­late a vi­sion of growth for the coun­try.

“Now we have Vi­sion 2030 that is led by me. Ok, ok is re­al­ly Dr Row­ley but I am tak­ing it be­cause I am the Plan­ning Min­is­ter,” she joked.

Robin­son-Reg­is laud­ed the PNM’s work with the Tamana E-teck park.

“Do you know that be­tween 2010 to 2015 that gov­ern­ment aban­doned it, it had be­come over­grown, but your PNM gov­ern­ment has re­sus­ci­tat­ed it,” she said.

She said the PNM has al­so re­ac­ti­vat­ed in­ter­est in the Tamana Park.

“We have de­clared that park open for busi­ness and we are get­ting it done,” she said.

She al­so said that the Uni­ver­si­ty of T&T was linked to the Tamana E-teck park.

Robin­son-Reg­is said that ed­u­ca­tion was the key dri­ver that the PNM used to al­le­vi­ate pover­ty.

“It was not an ac­ci­dent that these two projects were put to­geth­er. We un­der­stand the de­mo­graph­ics of this part of T&T,” she said.

She said the Gov­ern­ment was go­ing to con­tin­ue the de­vel­op­ment in La Hor­quet­ta.

“We are grate­ful to be sit­ting in a Cab­i­net where our leader is re­spect­ed, where his hon­esty and in­tegri­ty and work eth­ic is ad­mired and em­u­lat­ed. His word is his bond,” she said.

 - Renuka Singh