Cancer clinical trials coming soon to T&T

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 13:15

Come January 2020, local clinical trials for cancer treatment drugs will begin in Trinidad and Tobago.

Confirmation has come from Natalie Sabga, Founder and Executive Director of the John E Sabga Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer.

Ms Sabga was speaking at the time, with Guardian Media, at a special ceremony for a sizeable donation to the Foundation. It received a cheque for $30,000 from AMCO and Tru Value Supermarket.

She says the goal of the foundation was to reach a target of US$1 million to assist in the funding of pancreatic cancer research and clinical trials.

According to Natalie Sabga, Pancreatic Cancer is on the rise in T&T. She said the last statistics showed that pancreatic cancer in T&T was at 7 percent in 2012.

Meranda Ramoutar, Senior Brand Manager at AMCO, urged other corporate entities to join the battle against cancer. Ramoutar said the public should start looking at their diets with the aim of eating healthier.



Story and images by SHASTRI BOODAN

Image caption… From Left :  Operations Consultant at the John E Sabga Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Lisa Ghany, left, Founder and Executive at the John E Sabga Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Natalie Sabga,  Business Unit Head at AMCO Karen Crichlow-Thomas, Marketing officer at Tru Valu Supermarket Megan Mohan, Divisional head at AMCO Nazma Hosein, CEO of Tru Value Supermarket Sunil Maharajh and Senior Brand Manager Amco Meranda Ramoutar.