Car crushed in highway mishap

High­way pa­trol of­fi­cers are still piec­ing to­geth­er the event which saw a piece of heavy du­ty un­der­wa­ter equip­ment falling on­to a car along the Solomon Ho­choy High­way on Thurs­day morn­ing.

Ini­tial re­ports stat­ed that the trail­er truck was dri­ving north along the high­way when on reach­ing the For­res Park over­pass in Clax­ton Bay, the load fell on­to a car, al­most flat­ten­ing the front.

Of­fi­cers of the High­way Pa­trol Unit, South re­spond­ed.

Luck­i­ly, the dri­ver of the car on­ly suf­fered a bro­ken arm. He was tak­en for med­ical treat­ment. The ac­ci­dent caused a pile-up of traf­fic on the al­ready con­gest­ed high­way.

Reporter: Kelvon Felmine

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