Car thieves targeting women driving SUVs

The Police Service is expressing concern at the continuous rise of vehicle theft as Southern Division officers have reported an increase in SUVs and pick-up trucks being stolen from women.

In the past three days, thieves have made off with a Kia Sportage, a Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Frontier, all belonging to women.

Investigators said the pattern involved two suspects who would wait until the women reach their homes and work before robbing them at gunpoint.

In the case of Wednesday’s armed robbery in San Fernando, a white Nissan Tiida was seen circling the area before dropping out two men just as a 35-year-old woman and her 54-year-old mother arrived at their Cypress Gardens, Union Hall home.

A report stated that around 9.10 pm the woman had just pulled up in their driveway and as they were about to enter their house, two men walked into the yard.

One was armed with a gun, wearing a white vest and a bandana over his head.

The men stole the younger woman’s iPhone valued $6,000, $100 cash and the key to the white Kia Sportage SUV valued at $140,000.

The men escaped in the SUV. PC Dhoray and officers of the San Fernando CID responded and a search was made for the vehicle.

It was recovered along Coconut Drive, Blitz Village, Pleasantville yesterday.

Police said they are working on a few leads. They believe the suspects were lurking the area waiting on unsuspecting victims as the community has no street lights.

On Tuesday, two men held up and robbed a Gasparillo couple of a Nissan X-Trail but abandoned the vehicle a short distance away after it crashed.

Police have asked that motorists, especially women, be mindful of surroundings and ensure that they are not being followed.

They also advised motorists to be on the lookout for any strange vehicles nearby.


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