Carnival fete calendar shows 18 fetes on one day as promoters jostle for time & space

Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 20:00

It seems like Carnival 2016 will be singing back to Carnival 2015, "I bet I feting more than you!"

With next year's Carnival season lasting just about 40 days, fete promoters have laid out an ambitious schedule of well over 130 fetes in just over five weeks.

The schedule shows as many 18 fetes on one day, after Tribe ICE and Fantasy Saturday Cooler Fetes officially kicking off the Carnival Fete Season on January 2nd.

That weekend will see as many as eight fetes, with the popular Soka in Moka being the first official all inclusive for the season, on Sunday January 3rd.

By the next weekend, the number of fetes climbs to a minumim of 10, including Tribe Stumped, Illussions Black to Blue, Bishops All Inclusive and Presentation College's Evolve all on one day (January 9th), the same day as the Chutney Soca Semi-Finals.

There are other big clashes with Central Bank, South Cancer and Fete Royal all inclusives all on the same day, January 23rd, while UWI All Inclusive clashes with the popular Panorama Semi-Finals the very next day, Sunday January 24th.

As far as fetes hosted by soca artistes go, Machel Monday stands alone on February 1st, with Kes "Tuesday on the Rocks" the very next day and Destra and Lucy in concert the day after that.

There are nine confirmed fetes on Carnival Thursday, 12 on Fantastic Friday (the day of the Soca Monarch Final), 12 on Carnival Saturday and 18 on Carnival Sunday, before the reign of the Merry Monarch on February 8th and 9th.

The official list is resticted to only the big fetes that attract thousands of party-goers each year and does not include several smaller fetes by other promoters.

It also does not take into consideration the offical events hosted by the NCC, TUCO and other official agencies.