Caught on camera: Man takes drastic measures to accompany wrecked vehicle

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 11:15

A video showing the extent to which citizens of Trinidad and Tobago go to get some relief when they are wrecked, has been trending on social media today.

This "Caught on Camera" moment, however, is likely to land the subject of the video into more hot water as he took drastic measures to accompany the wrecker and his vehicle to their destination.


The video shows the vehicle being taken by a wrecker as it passes the lighthouse in Port-of-Spain, headed for one of the wrecking depository spots, in Sea Lots.

The driver is seen dangerously sitting on the bonnet of the vehicle between with his legs between his vehicle and the wrecker, a position that could land him in trouble with the law.

It's advised that when wrecked, drivers should first ask the police officer on duty whether he/she can accompany their vehicle with them.

If not, drivers are advised to find other transport to the wrecking depository spot but certainly not attempt to do what this driver has done.

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