CDA makes about turn on 'nails in road' position

The Chairman of the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) is conveying his appreciation to the media for providing the first lead with respect to the matter involving nails pounded in the roadways by potential bandits.

The CDA had initially discounted the claims as "misleading information" but a CNC3 report last evening revealed evidence that the claims were true, and that T&TEC workers had removed the items.

Today, the CDA said that the Managing Director (Ag.) has been directed to instruct the Head of the CDA’s Police Unit to meet as a matter of urgency with the TTEC supervisor and crew who reported the incident and management at that organisation to further the investigation.

The CDA says it takes its responsibility to provide a safe environment in the northwest peninsula for all stakeholders seriously and will continue with its vigilance.

It says persons who discover such devices or who are involved in any incidents as a result of such devices are asked to report same to the CDA’s Estate Police or the CDA’s Williams Bay Police Post or the Carenage Police Station.

It says all reports will be treated with the strictest of confide

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