Cedenio: "I walked out uncharged with a cleared name"

Athlete Machel Cedeno is letting the world know his name has been cleared in relation to a hit and run accident which left a 55-year-old woman dead.

On Monday, the Police Service issued a statement saying a local athlete was taken into custody as Tobago officers probed a hit and run accident which occurred in july of this year.

The police said the athlete surrendered with his attorney.

While the police did not name the athlete, Cedeno was rumored to the person in question.

This morning, the Olympian took to social media, saying that while "they" were happy to report he was in the station, they were not as eager to report he walked out uncharged and with his name cleared.

Cedeno did not make clear who he was referring to.

Meanwhile, the Police Service says officers are expected to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions for direction on the matter.

The victim of the accident has been identified as Lenora Patrick.

She was found dead in a drain after being knocked down by a motorist, who did not stop or report it.

Police say she had been dead for more than 36 hours, before she was found.

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