Cedros Councillor: “Fix the floodgates…”

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 08:00

Local government representative for the Cedros community, Shankar Teelucksingh, says they are bracing for the sea to invade more of the area, as weather patterns continue to change, and sea levels rise.

Recent viral videos in social media show sea water entering people’s homes.

Councillor Shankar Teelucksingh told us the Bonasse Housing Scheme was affected the most by the recent invading sea waters. He notes in addition, fisherfolk were hard hit as their camps were flooded, their nets damaged and their boats swamped. Some 200 fishermen were affected, overall.

Councillor Teelucksingh says sea water is coming inland more frequently during high tide, especially—a normal phenomenon for this time of year, but which seems to worsen, annually.

He wants the Works and Transport Ministry to complete repairs on the Bonasse floodgates, which were started a few years ago but never finished.

“There was some control over water levels before when we had the floodgates,” he explains, “but they needed to be repaired. Those repairs began between 2014 and 2015, but were never completed. The current administration fixed the bridge, but not the floodgates. In fact,” he points out, “they removed the floodgates and left the main channel open, so when it’s high tide, the water comes up the Bonasse River and into the lower lying areas, and into people’s homes.”

The Cedros councillor told us the regional corporation has been working to mitigate the impact of the water levels rise by raising the river embankments and employing sandbags where necessary.

However, he maintains a more comprehensive solution is needed from the engineers at the Works and Transport and Planning ministries.

Councillor Teelucksingh notes, government also has failed those residents in Cedros, who are still in crisis because of severe coastal erosion.

“We had that massive landslide in the Bamboo area a while ago, and the Corporation is still awaiting a report from the ministry, concerning relocating residents, as well as the additional remedial work that must be carried out at the site,” he says.

Councillor Teelucksingh says they are still awaiting a report from the Coastal Protection Unit, which is supposed to inform the next steps for the relocation of residents.


Story by NEWS DESK