Central Division Police continue crackdown on illegal guns and drugs

Friday, January 17, 2020 - 13:45

Central Division Police Officers continued their crackdown on illegal guns and drugs with another anti-crime exercise on Thursday 16 January 2020.

During  the  exercise,  officers  proceeded  to  Bolai  Trace  East,  Chase Village, where they  conducted a search of a bushy area,  which resulted in the discovery of two  revolvers  and  three  rounds  of  ammunition.

Quantities of marijuana and cocaine also were found.

According to official police reports, officers then proceeded to  School Lane, Enterprise, Chaguanas,  where they  conducted  a  search  of  an  abandoned  building. There,  they discovered a grey coloured plastic bag containing  1.1 kilogrammes of marijuana.

The exercise was coordinated by Snr. Supt. (Ag.) Hunte, Supt. (Ag.) Mystar and ASP Smith.

Enquiries are continuing.



Story by NEWS DESK