CEO of A&V Oil and Gas apologises for attacks on media personnel

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 13:45

Hanif Baksh, the Chief Executive Office of A&V Oil and Gas, has issued a statement apologising to the members of the media for recent attacks on them.

Last week Guardian photographer Kristian De Silva was attempting to take photos of the company’s Penal office when he was accosted and assaulted by two men.

A TV6 camera crew and a News photographer also complained of being attacked.

In a statement issued today the owner of the company at the center of the “fake oil scandal” said he is sorry.'

The company says it understands that it has an obligation in this matter to corporate with media to facilitate and provide the media with information in respect to the allegations levelled against them.

The company says it is now willing to open its doors to the media on Saturday.