CEPEP still helping with clean up after flood crisis

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 11:45

The general manager of CEPEP Company Limited is satisfied that the CEPEP team is responding effectively to the needs of recent flood victims in south Trinidad.

Keith eddy told us from the minute a flooding disaster begins, CEPEP stands on alert, and prepares for when its teams are needed to help with clean-up operations, after the crisis is over.

Several state entities came under heavy criticism for failing to be responsive to the needs of citizens, who were badly affected by last week’s flooding crisis.

The CEPEP GM explains the company is not a first responder per se, but its teams do their utmost to help families get back on their feet quickly, once the immediate danger is past.

“Once our operations people are on the ground, they make the call as to whether or not they need more help and we would send more resources as required,” he explains. “We continuously monitor, and we continuously clean and sanitise. Until we feel the area has been brought back to some level of normalcy, we’re not going to leave the area undone.”

Mr Eddy told us that it does not cost the company extra when its teams are called out to clean up after a disaster, even though they don't work on weekends normally, but need to do so during crisis periods.

And the CEPEP GM notes that the company does not compete, but rather complements the work of the regional corporations.

He maintains that contrary to popular opinion, CEPEP workers—most of whom are single mothers—are among the hardest working and most productive workers in the country.

He says the performance of both workers and contractors are closely monitored, for their regular routine assignments, as well as special requests that come in to the company.

“We average over 200 special requests monthly,” he says. “That is cleaning that is done for churches, community centres and religious organisations. And the 2019 Financial Year, we have fulfilled over 2,000 special requests,” the CEPEP GM reports. “We are always on the go. We’re always working and moving, and we’re always measuring performance, both internally and externally.”

Keith Eddy says CEPEP has moved far beyond its old reputation of merely cutting grass and painting stones.



Story by NEWS DESK