Chief Justice responds

A day after the law association spoke out about the silence of the head of the judiciary, the chief justice is today responding to claims being made in the public domain.

The brief statement speaks directly to allegations being made by a man who claims to be an acquaintance of the CJ. In the last month, Dillian Johnson has made several statements which allude to impropriety on the part of the CJ. Among them, that he used his influence to procure HDC homes and private security for friends. 

But most recently, that a high ranking official and a special forces agent were involved in a plot to kill him.

The statement, signed by the court protocol and information manager distances the c-j from the allegation. On claims of a plot to kill it says; “the office of the chief justice expects the relevant authorities will urgently conduct a necessary and thorough investigation into this incident.”

As to the claims that the CJ may have used his influence to provide security for Dillian, the statement says the security of judges and magistrates is the responsibility of specialized units of the protective services; “it is therefore false and indeed irresponsible to suggest that at any judges’ meeting, the chief or any other judge discussed the retention of any private security firm for the purpose of providing the said personal security”

And on the topic of HDC homes; “ at no time has Chief Justice Archie ever recommended Mr. Dillion Johnson for HDC housing 

It appears to be purposeful mischief making for one to suggest otherwise.”

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