Chinese, Nigerian citizens arrested for issuing fake T&T visas to Nigerians

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 11:30

Two Chinese and two Nigerian citizens have been arrested by Nigerian police after they were found to have allegedly been issuing fake visas to travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

The suspects Liu Honyang, 47; Sun Xinai, 49; Oriyomi Olwale, 47; and Desmond Chinedu, 25, were arrested in their offices in Golden Point Hotel after massive complaints were received by authorities from some of their scammed victims.

A statement issued by the Lagos police said that the four suspects conspired and swindled Nigerian citizens who wished to travel outside the country.

One victim, identified as Adekunle Adefuye, said he met the suspects after he was introduced by one of their agents named Dorcas Sylver.

He went to Lagos and was then introduced to the four suspects who convinced him to go to Trinidad and Tobago with a promise of a 'guaranteed' job that pays no less than $3,000.

Initially, Adefuye refused the offer but later agreed on to it.

After all the documents have been processed and fees have been paid, he and another Nigerian traveled to Trinidad and Tobago only to be detained and deported by authorities two days later on grounds of using fake visas.

"They treated us like common criminals trying to enter the country illegally." Adefuye said. quoted a written letter from the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, saying that "The mission can categorically confirm that Sun Xinui is unknown to us."

It further added that the commission has never and currently is not using any agents for the issuance of visas.