Choo Kong stabbed multiple times; police suspect robbery

Police have now confirmed that 69-year-old actor and playwright Raymond Choo Kong was stabbed multiple times by a lone assailant who then robbed him of his belongings while inside the living room of his Arima home.

Investigators close to the case told Guardian Media that they believe the lone assailant climbed into the roof of an adjoining business place and then climbed into Choo Kong's verandah shortly before noon today.

The assailant then made his way through a door that was open and confronted Choo Kong in his living room.

Police say that there was a struggle between Choo Kong and his assailant who stabbed him multiple times to the upper body.

His attacker then relieved him of his wallet, a gold ring, and a cell phone and escaped.

Meanwhile, residents of Green Street, Arima are mourning the death of the actor, producer and playwright. 

"I feel like a vacuum suck out the life out of me," one resident told Guardian Media upon hearing the news of his death. 

Another resident described him as a quiet, friendly man.

"I would pass and see him sitting on his porch with his white dogs", the resident said. 

A third Arimian questioned what this country has come to. 

"Trinidad (has) gone from bad to worst", he said. 

Mayor of Arima Lisa Morris-Julian told Guardian Media that Choo Kong's death is a great loss not only to Arima but Trinidad and Tobago. 

She sent her condolences to the Choo Kong family and offered her assistance.

- by Mark Bassant and Carisa Lee. Photos by Abraham Diaz.

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