Claims of canvassing in PNM internal elections

While from most accounts the voting process at PNM internal elections had been described as smooth, there were several reports of canvassing at polling stations.

Photos of MPs outside polling stations were shared on social media and some candidates, mainly those outside of the Team Red Rowley, expressed their concerns.

"That is a report that I have received, and we have expressed our concern about that," said the head of the election supervisory committee Murchison Browne when asked about the complaints.

"Some of them would have been asked to remove themselves," said Browne, "that was rather unfortunate."

Browne also addressed reports out of San Fernando that some voters were unable to cast their ballots.

He explained that confusion stemmed from unofficial lists at mock polling stations carrying names different to those on official poll lists.

"What is happening basically is that list is entirely different to the list that the presiding officer have within the station. So when they go to these mock stations and telling them their name is not on list I don't think that is quite correct at all," said Brown, who explained the mock stations are not officially connected to the election but various candidates in the election.

As of 3pm, Browne said the turnout so far had been affected by the inclement weather as well as a number of significant posts, including political leader, being uncontested in the election. 

- by Peter Christopher

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