Claims of torture, abuse

Two male vic­tims who stayed at the Trans­formed Life Min­istries Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­tre claimed that they were tor­tured and abused dur­ing their eight-month col­lec­tive stay at the church.

“I was gagged, hand­cuffed and thrown in­to a very small cage for many days when I got there. It just has an iron bed frame and a buck­et which I was lat­er told had to be used as a toi­let.”


He said he was sent to the church af­ter his moth­er had com­plained that he was “giv­ing trou­ble” at home.

“I was not in any drugs or any­thing so when I got there I was sur­round­ed by about 15 men. They took my cell phone and lat­er made me take off my clothes and lat­er threw me in­to a cage.”

The vic­tim said he was told by the pas­tor that if he com­plied with his in­struc­tions on­ly then he would be al­lowed to come out of the cage.

A few days lat­er he said he was tak­en out of the cage and placed in a cramped dor­mi­to­ry.


Over the next few months, the vic­tim said he saw some shock­ing things at the fa­cil­i­ty. “I saw men naked in cages. Some­times they would throw a red­dish sub­stance on them and it would then out and leave their skins burn­ing. I saw men be­ing tasered and they beat you with a piece of wood.”

An­oth­er vic­tim claimed he was kid­napped and tak­en to the fa­cil­i­ty and over a six-month pe­ri­od he was thrown in­to a cage reg­u­lar­ly and said over the pe­ri­od he was al­so tak­en to the bank and forced to with­draw mon­ey from his ac­count over a pe­ri­od of time. “I was al­so made to sign a pow­er of at­tor­ney and over a pe­ri­od of time all my mon­ey was tak­en out,” he claimed.

“Some­times they put the in­dus­tri­al fans on you while you are asleep and naked in the cage. I had to use the toi­let pa­per to wrap around my body to try and stay warm. They made the room cold­er to tor­ture you. Psy­cho­log­i­cal it mess­es you up,” he said.

The sec­ond vic­tim said he of­ten has night­mares about his ex­pe­ri­ence and he is un­able to sleep prop­er­ly at night.

Both vic­tims who gave state­ments to the po­lice have since been placed in pro­tec­tive cus­tody as the on­go­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tion con­tin­ues.

Reporter: Mark Bassant

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