CLARIFICATION: Two "Trims", Eastern Division

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 05:45

There are two people with the last name Trim who have been Head of the Eastern Division of the Police Service, both of whom have carried the rank of Senior Supt. 

The current head is John Trim who has been serving since early 2016. 

However, one of his predecessors is Derrick Trim who retired from the Police Service in 2013.

While both names and portfolios are similar, the two are not to be confused.

The letter from the police commissioner requesting the retirement of the Head of the Eastern Division was sent to John Trim and not to the already retired Derrick Trim.

The photo used in a report last evening was that of the retired Derrick Trim, instead of the current Eastern Division Head, John Trim.

We seek to clarify this and have spoken to Mr Derrick Trim to express our apology.

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