Close to 4,000 tourists visit aboard MSC Preziosa

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 13:45

Close to 4,000 cruise passengers arrived in Trinidad today as the MSC Preziosa made its fourth call on the port of Port-of-Spain.

The passengers, many of whom came from Europe, Guadeloupe, Martinique and other countries, were greeted with the soca songs played by a DJ.

A statement by the Tourism Ministry says that four French students from St George’s College, Barataria, provided translation services as about 712 of the 3,595 visitors went on pre-booked tours to popular places of interest, while there were an estimated 500 privately arranged tours.

Last year, Trinidad’s Carvalho’s Agencies won the bid to be the port of change for the MSC’s crew in this region and consequently last night 25 rooms were booked for the incoming crew at Radisson Hotel on Wrightson Road and an additional 25 rooms will be booked at Regent Star Hotel, Piarco, for the off-duty crew members, who are due to fly out tomorrow.

"We have entered into the thick of things of the 2019 cruise ship season and we will be hosting 11 more vessels in the coming weeks, including Carnival Monday," the Tourism Ministry said.