Close call for students in Belmont drive-by shooting

Three students were treated for injuries and mental trauma, after a drive-by shooting on Belmont Circular Road Wednesday afternoon.

Two of the injured, aged 6 and 15, were the children of a known gang leader.

They were rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital for emergency treatment.

The shooting took place outside the Providence High School around 2.40 pm, less than 200 metres from the Belmont Police Station. 

An 18-year-old student was shot in her leg.

The target, the 38-year-old James Gordon of Maracas, was shot as he drove a white Hilux vehicle.

A senior investigator told Guardian Media that based on the initial information they obtained, a White Hilux was parked along the roadway when a black Hyundai Tucson heavily tinted pulled up alongside the Hilux vehicle.

The gunmen opened fire on the vehicle and also struck other parked vehicles along the roadway as several school children and other pedestrians ran for cover.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has expressed concern over the incident. 

Officials at Belmont Government Primary School, which is close by, said they were forced to lock their gates and didn't allow students to leave until parents arrived. 

Residents said the gunshots sounded like they came from an automatic machine gun.

Police have put out an all-points-bulletin for the vehicle believed to have been driven by the assailants.

Guardian Media will update this story as more information becomes available.

 - by Akash Samaroo, Mark Bassant and Anna-Lisa Paul

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