Coast Guard bust yields $5 million in cocaine and marijuana

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 20:00

The Coast Guard has made a seizure of close to $5 million in cocaine and marijuana together with two firearms being transported by drug-runners in the Gulf of Paria.

A statement from the Coast Guard says that whilst on routine patrol in the Gulf of Paria, Coast Guard Interceptor 033 stopped an unmarked fishing vessel after a brief chase.

Two large blue plastic containers were seized and upon further searching in Staubles Bay a quantity of marijuana and cocaine as well as two pistols were recovered.

The containers had 41 packets of marijuana weighting 21.92 kilograms, with an estimated street value of $2,183,582.72.

Two packets of cocaine weighed 2.26 kgs, with an estimated street value of $2,787,840.00.

Additionally two Glock pistols were retrieved from the containers.

The men, guns, ammunition and narcotics were handed over to the Organised Crime Narcotics and Firearms Bureau (OCNFB).