Coast Guard officer killed in road accident

An early morning road accident has claimed the life of a motorcyclist.

The incident reportedly occurred in the vicinity of Grand Bazaar.

Reports indicate that at about 12:15 am, the motorcyclist - who is a Coast Guard officer - was proceeding east along the Churchill Roosevelt highway when he was struck by the driver of a motor car.

According to reports, the Coast Guard officer was pitched several feet into the air.

He died on the spot.

The driver of the car which struck the motorcyclist currently is assisting police with investigations.

On Saturday two cyclists - bpTT employee Joanna Banks and chef Joe Brown - were killed along the Beetham highway after a car crashed in them and several of their cycling partners.

Sharon Inglefield, Arrive Alive president, is reminding the country that cyclists and motorcyclists also have a right to use the nation’s roads, along with cars and trucks.


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