Coast Guard rescue boat drifting off East Coast for last 6-7 days

Friday, January 5, 2018 - 12:30

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard has rescued a boat that had been adrift for the last 6 to 7 days.

The vessel was on the way from Spain to Grenada when it developed problems.

The Defence Force says that at 8pm on Thursday,  Lieutenant Diaz; Captain of TTS Speyside received information about a vessel, "Wichita", adrift on the East Coast of Trinidad. 

Coast Guard boat CG25 was deployed to the vessel’s last known position, six nautical miles east of the Dolphin Production Platform, to render assistance.

The Defence Force says that another civilian vessel "Andrew Charles" found and stayed with the vessel and maintained communication with the Coast Guard Command allowing CG25 to easily locate the vessel.

The Defence Force says that after a transit of roughly 120 nautical miles, CG25 arrived and towed the vessel to the Coast Guard base at Scarborough, Tobago.

Wichita was on its way to Grenada from Cabo Verde, Spain when it encountered mechanical problems resulting in its loss of propulsion.

The vessel was at sea for 25 days; the last 6 or 7 of which it was adrift .

Its captain, Fernando Garate Arruabarrena, a citizen of Spain, was the only person onboard the vessel.

The Coast Guard says that routine safety and security board and search was carried out of the vessel in the presence of its captain.

The Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Division and Customs and Excise Division were contacted and Captain Arruabarrena was handed over to Immigration officials to be processed.