Cocaine worth $9 Million found at Point Lisas Port

Police are on the hunt for an Arima Businessman, after 23 pounds of cocaine were seized at the Port of Point Lisas on Friday bound for St. Martin. Police say the illegal drug carries a street value of nine million TT dollars.
Reports say around midday, Customs Officers were scanning a container at the port when they picked up something suspicious. The container was taken to the examination station. There Custom Officers noticed what appeared to be cocaine hidden inside the container loaded with foodstuff.
Police and other Officials were called in and confirmed it was cocaine. 23 pounds of the illegal drug was found. They say the container was addressed to an Indian Businessman in St Martin. Officers say the container was sent by a businessman from Arima. It is suspected that he was the same person who was set to receive a container filed with marijuana from Jamaica last year. investigations are continuing.


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