CoP: Murder toll unacceptable

Today the murder toll hit 500.

In October police commissioner Gary Griffith told press an acceptable toll was 150 annually.

Last week on his hundredth day in office, he told Guardian Media Limited an acceptable toll is 250.

We wrote to the commissioner seeking clarification.

Here is his response:

"Some would say acceptable is nothing else but 0.  I am practical.

The end result after putting immense resources and policies both in law enforcement and social avenues to turn youths away from violent crime can be 150.

But the last time we saw that was over 18 yrs ago.

Things have changed.

To get back there, all aspects of gang activity must be totally eliminated.

That would take several years.

250 per annum can be an attainable goal in the near future but it takes a massive turnaround.

Reaching 500 homicides is the most unacceptable milestone that any country can acquire.

 If anyone thinks that it can be changed to 250 in a few mths, they are wrong.

 Over the last 4 mths, however, there has been a gradual decrease in homicides in comparison to the same period last year, with an over 10% reduction,  and the earlier part of this year but Ido not in any way see this as a success.

It is measured progress and the direction to drastically reduce violent crime."

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