CoP: "Walk away from conflicts, your life is worth more"

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is advising citizens to avoid conflicts, saying that their lives are worth more.

His comment comes as part of his New Year's message to the country:

"Over the past few months in my capacity as Commissioner of Police, I have asked members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to go above and beyond the call of duty in pursuit of a safer country.

You have responded to the call in such admirable ways that simply cannot be allowed to go by without acknowledgement.

For every act of selfless courage, for the times when you sacrificed it all for others, for those moments when you were asked to leave your families to rescue those trapped by the floods, for the teams that worked tirelessly to ensure kidnapped victims were safely returned and the perpetrators quickly apprehended, for those who dutifully responded to become part of emergency units when the earthquake shook our island, for the way you averted threats to shut down the country, for those who work unheralded in the offices of the Service as well and whose work is so critical, to the undercover officers who can never be identified, you know who you are and I salute the dangerous efforts you go to in making Trinidad and Tobago safer.

To all the families who spent worrisome nights and days praying for the safety of your loved ones who serve as police officers and to those who suffered the ultimate loss, I join with members of the public in expressing heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.

To citizens, I appeal to you to be mindful of the need to be discipline minded, to curb tendencies to excess or ignore the most minor of infractions of the law.

Tonight, may we record the safest old year’s night ever through exercising care on the road, designating a driver and treating each other with respect and regard.

Walk away from conflicts, your life is worth more than that.

As the seconds count down to midnight be grateful that you’re here to see the dawn of a new year.

May 2019 bring further success in our endless battle for the safety and security of Trinidad and Tobago.

A happy new year to all."