Cops release men held in Secret Sunday party

At least 17 of the men who were detained by police after they raided the Secret Sunday party at Lady Chancellor Heights in Port-of-Spain on Sunday were released by police late Monday night.

The three other men including a Valsayn businessman and his son and another man remain in police custody.  A senior investigator told Guardian Media that the businessman is expected to be charged sometime today or by tomorrow with the possession of a firearm and ammunition.

A revolver was found on the scene of the raid together with narcotics and a large sum of cash.

The businessman's son remains in police custody pending further inquiries while the third man was charged with the possession of cocaine.

They were detained after police raided the pool party and also found 21 women and a 14-year-old girl. The teenager police believe was a victim of human trafficking and was later placed under the protective custody of the Child Protection Unit.

The girl and the 18 other women were said to be from Venezuela did not have any form of identification in their possession. The other three women were locals.

Investigators also revealed that the quantity of cash seized from a safe inside the home amounted to $21,171. The money will be held under a detention order until such time the parties are called upon by the court to explain how the funds were acquired.




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