Counselling for St Pious students, teachers after stabbing

The Ministry of Education’s Health, Safety and Security Division along with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service are investigating a stabbing incident that took place at the St Pious Boys’ RC School on Monday.

The Education Ministry says that reports coming into the School Supervision Division have indicated that the teacher involved is in a stable condition at hospital.

It says the staff of the Student Support Services Division were on hand from the commencement of the school day on Tuesday 14th May, 2019 and included a team of Guidance Officers and Social Workers meeting with students who may have witnessed the incident to offer intervention and counseling as needed.

The ministry says that services afforded under the Employee Assistance Programme will also form a part of the intervention to be given to the school.

Reports have indicated that the assailant entered the compound under false pretenses, so the ministry says that as a part of the investigation into the incident the security protocol for entry and exit to the school compound will be assessed, and changes made where necessary.

The ministry says that of the 191 students and 11 teachers that comprise the school population, 105 students and 10 teachers were present today.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia expressed wishes for a speedy recovery to the teacher and gave the assurance that a thorough investigation will be conducted to ensure that this unfortunate incident is not repeated.

“Our teachers are responsible for molding the future of Trinidad and Tobago. No teacher must feel any sense of danger while they carry out their duty in delivering education to our students, and no student should ever have to be a witness to such an attack. The Ministry of Education will continue to do all that is necessary to ensure that teachers and students of all schools feel safe throughout the school day,” Minister Garcia said.

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