Court releases six Venezuelans held at Rich Gold Hotel

Six Venezuelans who were held in a raid one week ago at Rich Gold Hotel and Bar have been released on orders of supervision.

The six women were among 35 foreigners held during that exercise whom police are said to have suspected of prostitution but were not caught in the act.

It turns out those six women are in fact asylum seekers and during the court proceedings it was revealed the delay in their detention was due to the fact that Immigration could not confirm their identities.

The women were not pressed with any charges.

At least one humanitarian organisation has been advocating for their release submitting affidavits to advise the court on the proper way to deal with such issues.

The order of supervision issued to the six detainees regularizes their applicant status in T&T and allows them permission to remain in T&T while their application is being decided by the United Nations Refugee Agency.