Crime forces TT RideShare to stop service to East Port-of-Spain

Due to recent attacks on their drivers by criminal elements, TT RideShare has temporarily stopped servicing certain crime hot spot areas in East Port of Spain.

Giving notice of this change on its Facebook page, the ride-sharing company stated that this has become necessary to ensure the safety of its drivers and riders.

"In light of recent events in which our drivers have been victims of the criminal elements that plague our country, we have taken a decision to implement two changes that will affect the way we do business. Firstly, rides requested TO and FROM certain areas of East Port of Spain have been temporarily restricted. The frequency of criminal attacks originating from this area can no longer be ignored. To our valued customers in this area, we have made several drop off and pick up points available to you, so that we can service your ride requests. The pickup and drop off points are Belmont Police Station, Siam/Apsara, Port of Spain General Hospital and NIB office." 

- Sascha Wilson

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