Croatia whip Argentina 3-0, threatening 1st-round exit for Messi & company

Croatia is into the next round of the FIFA World Cup after a 3-0 win over Argentina.

Argentina is now third in the Group D standings with the same points as Iceland, which is making its World Cup debut, after tying Iceland in the first match.

To make matters worse, a win over Nigeria would leave Iceland three points ahead and with at least a four-goal advantage in the goal differential column.

Argentina needs some help at this point to make it out of the group stage.

A goal differential of minus-3 is all but a death knell. 

Croatia's win was thanks to second-half goals by Ante Rebic, captain Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic in their Group D match on Thursday.

Rebic made the most of a goalkeeping error, Modric fired home a superb long-ranged Rakitic completed the rout to leave the hopes of twice world champions Argentina hanging by a thread with one last chance to salvage their campaign.

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