Crowd-funding effort to help Toronto woman who fell off cliff in Las Cuevas

Friday, April 8, 2016 - 00:00

A major funding effort has begun to assist a Toronto woman who was badly injured when she fell off a cliff in Las Cuevas.

CBC News in Canada has reported that family and friends have set up a crowdfunding campaign for the woman who needs to return home for emergency surgery after suffering severe injuries.

According to CBC News, Elissa Antonio, visiting family, was enjoying an evening picnic at Las Cuevas Beach on March 28 when she went over the side of a cliff and fell 40 feet.

"I basically just walked over the cliff because I couldn't see where I was going," Antonio told CBC News from her hospital bed in Trinidad.

"I know I screamed out. I screamed for help as soon as I landed and I heard my cousins calling for me because they heard the fall."

Her pelvis was broken in several places, her sacrum – which connects the pelvis to the spine – is fractured, and she suffered a fractured right leg and a broken right heel.

"I cannot move the lower part of my extremities," Antonio said.

"I have to be fed, changed, given a bath. All these things that we take for granted."

CBC News reports that doctors in Trinidad and Tobago have said that they cannot treat Antonio, who now needs an air ambulance for transport home. That will cost about CAD$50,000 (Tt$250,000).

Family members told CBC news that the CT scan machine at the hospital wasn't working when Antonio was admitted, so doctors could not see the full extent of her injuries.

They added that looking at her complex fractures, her doctors said they did not have the necessary expertise to perform the surgery that she requires.

Antonio was shocked by the quick success of the crowdfunding campaign to get her home.


Photo provided to CBC News by family members.