Cumuto MP: No flood relief coming

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 13:15

Member of Parliament for Cumuto Manzanilla, Christine Newallo-Hosein, says the most vulnerable citizens have once again been forgotten by the PNM Government.

In an official statement released by the Parliament today, the Cumuto Manzanilla MP called on the Minister of Social Development and Family Services to immediately respond to the plight of citizens who were severely affected by Wednesday’s heavy rainfall and flooding, particularly in South Trinidad.

She appealed to the Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn, to immediately activate the Ministry’s Disaster Response Team, so as to bring about the much needed support.

MP Newallo-Hosein said: “There may be persons who are in need of food support, potable drinking water, those who may have lost furniture and appliances, crops and livestock, those with special medical needs who would require specific medication, families in which a member is differently-abled, pregnant and also the elderly; these are all issues which the MSDFS must respond to in the quickest possible time”.

The Cumuto Manzanilla MP praised the Opposition Leader, Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and her councillors, for their quick action and response in bringing relief to those most affected. 

The MP pointed out that such action is the kind of response that is required in times like these, as the situation is a serious one, given that it has caused major disruptions to the lives of citizens, who are at this time preparing for the Christmas Season.

“The flooding has resulted in schools being shut down, the closure of many businesses, transportation to and from work disrupted, doctor’s appointments and clinics being cancelled,” she lamented. “These are traumatic, emotional and physical stresses which citizens are faced with, to which the MSDFS must respond with a sense of urgency.”

The MP also called on Government to deploy the resources of CEPEP to assist in the clean-up and sanitization of affected homes.

The MP for Cumuto/Manzanilla noted:

“The failure on the part of the MSDFS to immediately respond to the plight of citizens and to make their presence felt on the ground in flood-stricken areas, would be viewed as yet another glaring example of the miserable failure of the Rowley-led PNM Administration towards the vulnerable citizens of Trinidad and Tobago”.



Story by NEWS DESK