Cussing UTT lecturer stressed by video leak

A University of T&T lecturer caught in a video using profanity towards his students was said to have been “only appealing to the students in the class to listen and take their studies for serious.”

The 39-second video, which went viral over the past 24 hours on social media, showed the lecturer, dressed in a grey hoodies jacket, scolding the students using “strong profanity”. The man was yesterday identified as a former Physics lecturer who was based at the South campus for the past 13 years. Ironically, he was one of the lecturers whose contracts were terminated in the first phase of a restructuring exercise by the university. The video in question, however, was taken seven months ago.

UTT management sources confirmed that the lecturer taught at the university but made it clear he was retrenched and not fired from the university over the said video.

In the video, the lecturer can be heard saying: “Listen, listen…if you don’t want to listen, it simple and you don’t want to hear pick up your bag and get the @#$% out the class…Alright! – because I have classes back to back and I had to tell the next class last week that I had four [email protected]#$% funerals in two [email protected]#$% weeks to come and [email protected]#$% sit down here and hear alyuh don’t do alyuh work…” He then gesticulated and re enacted how the students would sit back on their chairs and act like they’re not listening and referred to them as “Big [email protected]@%.”

However, speaking in his defence yesterday, the UTT source said the lecturer was at the time going through “serious emotional stress.”

“His mother had passed away around that time and he was under so much emotional stress that he had to hire a driver to come to work,” the UTT source, who confessed to being the lecturer’s friend, said.

A UTT lecturer, who also wished not to be identified, said on the day in question the then-lecturer was scolding his students because they were very disruptive in class.

“He had set up a lab for them and they didn’t go to the lab. He told them that he had to bend backwards for them to get the lab and was very angry that they did not go.

He was appealing to them to take their work seriously…yes the profanities may have been a little over but he was trying to drive home a point to them,” the UTT lecturer said.

The UTT lecturer noted that at the end of that very semester all the students in the said class failed their exams and the same ex-lecturer had to teach them again, “just to know that they all passed their exams the second time around so these students did take him for serious after all and bucked up. He was always known to genuinely care for the students and make sure that he always worked closely with them and supported them. He meant nothing abusive or bad.”

Another close friend of the ex-lecturer said he was very distraught and troubled over the release of the video. The friend said he was looking to move on with his life in a “new direction” and now has to deal with this issue.

“He heard about it and really is upset about it, so distraught that he has switched off his phone because he has been answering calls continuously since it went viral. He is out of teaching now and looking to go into a new different way in life.

Some of his former students who knew him well are rooting for him in all this though.”

But T&T Unified Teachers Association president Lindsay Doodhai yesterday condemned the use of obscene language by teachers during the performance of their duties.

“Teachers should not be using obscene language in their classes no matter the situation. Its use is inexcusable.”

Also contacted yesterday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia said he was told that UTT had since launched an investigation into the incident. He added that teachers need no reminder of how they are supposed to behave, “teachers know exactly how they supposed to behave, interact with students and compose themselves.”

He added that any teachers caught in similar situations will be investigated and necessary disciplinary actions will be taken accordingly.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)

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