CWU leader retrenched, told today is his last working day

Secretary-General of the Communication Workers' Union (CWU), Clyde Elder is among 503 workers who are to be sent home from TSTT and he is being sent home immediately, with the company offering to pay him off for the 45 days' notice that it has given him.

Elder was served a retrenchment letter today along with the other workers, giving 45 days notice, which takes them to the end of December.

"Dear Mr Elder," the letter states, "as you are aware the Communication Workers' Union and the Company have been engaged in discussions as mandated by the provisions of Article 3 (1) (a) of the subsisting Junior Staff Collective Agreement to discuss the impact of technological changes and economic conditions on the Company's labour force."

It continues: "In this regard, the Company, having explored with your Union all the available options to treat with the possible changes to its human capital in the face of the impact of global digitalization and in particular in the telecommunications sector, while at the same time achieving its strategic goals, wishes to advise you that it has decided to implement its new business model effective November 15, 2018, which would result in a reduction of the normal labour force.

"As a consequence, your position of Senior Administrative Clerk has become redundant effective November 15, 2018, as a result of the digitalization of work and the implementation of the Company's new business model."

As with all the other workers, the letter gives Elder 45 days' notice of the intention to terminate his services, effective December 31st, 2018.

The letter also tells him that the company has decided to pay Elder in lieu of the 45 days' notice, adding "therefore you shall not be required to report for duty during the period of notice thus November 15, 2018 is your last working day".

Elder has been maintaining that TSTT's actions amount to union-busting.

He has invited all trade union leaders to join him in a news conference on Friday.

TSTT announced today that it was serving retrenchment notices to 503 workers.

 - by Sampson Nanton

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