Daddy's not invited to Baby Prince's funeral

Justin Francette, the father of three-year-old Prince Francette will not be at his son's funeral today.

Prince will be buried at the Tableland Public cemetery after a funeral service at a relative's Gafoor Trace, Tableland home.

In an interview, Amanda Granger who raised Prince from birth after his parents separated, said Justin was not welcomed at the funeral.

"We do not want him here. Up to now they never asked one question about funeral arrangements. They never gave one cent for the funeral. All he did was make him," Amanda said.

She noted that even though Prince's mother Maria wanted a second autopsy, this could not be arranged.

"We leave everything in God's hands. We do not want them at the funeral. We will bury our child," she cried.

Justin, in an interview, said he did not want to clash with his estranged wife's family.

"I already lost my son. I will do a memorial service for him. I have already lost my Prince. I never killed him as they claim. I will do whatever I can to cope with this," Justin said.

He said he planned to speak to the police to accompany him to the funeral home so he can say his goodbyes to his son privately.

Since the fire, Justin said he has been unable to sleep. He said he did everything to save his son.

"God knows what happened. That is all I have to say for now," Justin added.

Prince died after receiving burns to 100 percent of his body when his father's two-door Nissan March exploded around 2 pm on Friday.

The baby was trapped in the car and stayed there for more than an hour before he was taken to the hospital.

- by Radhica De Silva

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