Damage in fire station fire estimated at $.5 million

Monday, April 15, 2019 - 08:15

No one was injured in the Sunday evening fire at the Scarborough fire Station at Bacolet, Scarborough.

According to Divisional Fire Officer, David Joseph- Thomas, preliminary information indicates that the male dormitory, with an estimated worth of over $.5 million, was destroyed in the fire, 

He said the fire was discovered by an off-duty fire officer at 7 pm.

"The officer went to the male dorm to retrieve an item and on entering he saw the entire dormitory engulfed in flames. It was unoccupied at the time as the officers were taking part in an activity on the southern side of the station."

He said the fire "seemed to have been burning in the ceiling for a while...It took 25-30 minutes to extinguish it." 

Joseph- Thomas said experts will assess the situation on Monday morning. 

"All the experts will be in and we will determine how best we can move on to make sure we can do the duties required of us. We can't say as yet if we will stay  or move and where we will go."

Meanwhile,  the fire services resources were stretched further as they received a call of a fire in Mason Hall while the dorm was alight. "It turned out to be false, but we had sent most of our appliances to that area to deal with that fire," Joseph- Thomas said.

There have been 16 reported house fires in the Mason Hall / Moriah area over the past four months.

On Sunday morning, villagers sprang into action when another house caught fire. They caught and handed over to police, a suspected arsonist.

The occupant of the burnt house Clayton Morris was taken to hospital as he appeared to be disoriented.

And in an unrelated matter, a van was seen burning in front of the fire station on Friday, just before 3 pm.

The Divisional Fire Officer told Guardian Media that contrary to popular belief, the vehicle did not catch fire in front of the station.

"It started in Bacolet and the man made a valiant effort to drive it to the station. However, all our appliances were out fighting bush fire at the time," David Joseph- Thomas told Guardian Media.

He said fire officers used "innovative ways" to oust the vehicular fire.

- by Camille Mceachie