Dangerous road in Charlotteville, Tobago

The head of the Charlotteville Village Council is lamenting that complaints over a dangerous bend along the area's road network continue to fall on deaf ears.

Arcturs Browne is now warning that conditions along Turpine Bend, which has led to many fatal accidents, are worsening and is fearful for the lives of motorists.

“About three weeks ago, a car ran off the road and crashed into a ladies house,” he told us. “We are asking the THA, are you going to wait until a big maxi-taxi or a PTSC bus runs off this road and crashes, and kills many people?”

According to Mr Browne, promises have been made to address the concerns with the century old pathway, but up until now, nothing has been done.

Mr Browne says residents are tired of all the run-around, and can no longer wait on the Tobago House of Assembly to take action. He says they are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

When contacted, the THA's Secretary of Infrastructure, Kwesi Des Vignes, indicated that options were actively being pursued.

He said UDECOTT had engaged TRINTOPLAN Consultants and geo technical surveys and environmental studies were being conducted.

Secretary Des Vignes gave assurances that once the relevant actions were completed, infrastructural works along the road way would commence.